Throughout our history, we've launched a number of transformative innovations for the industry and our franchisees. Today, our technology leadership online and on mobile means you'll always be one step ahead of the reservation curve.

Everywhere you turn, reservations are driven through the Choice Hotels...


Loyalty — it's like money in the bank. Choice Privileges? more than doubled its membership in five years to over 22 million members, and is consistently rated as one of the top hotel loyalty programs. Plus it's a great driver of incremental and repeat business to your hotel.


Our online channels and call center are massive drivers of reservations. But we also have a global sales team that drives corporate, tour, and group sales in your direction. And we’re constantly staying ahead of the ever-evolving OTA and online distribution landscape. We focus our efforts on reaching the guests you want: Millennials, who are one of the fastest-growing segments, and corporate travelers, as well as midweek bookings too, when you...


Becoming a Choice Hotels franchisee brings you a lot more than the sign on your hotel. You’re part of the team, and we’re in it to win! We help you plan your opening every step of the way, whether new construction or conversion, ensuring you meet your milestones and also set a strategy for your local market. And once you’re open, your dedicated Area Director is there whenever you need them, providing support and guidance to help you achieve your goals.


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